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The best Ballet School in El Paso !!!

Elena C.

The Best, Outstanding, and Highly Professional Classical Ballet School in State of Texas!

Wishing you Continued Success & All the Best !

Misha B.

Excellent ballet school!!!

The teachers really care about the students and their education.

I give this school 5 stars!!!

Oleg B.

It's a great school!! Miss Olga is the best teacher!! She knows what she is doing with the kids!!

Jessie M.

Love it!!

It's important for ballerinas to be disciplined in the studio so they can apply that same discipline everywhere they go.

Paula F.

Wonderful program! My son learned so much during his time there!

Catherine B.

Una excelente maestro Recomendada 100%

Soco B.

It is an outstanding ballet studio for young and teenage girls alike. The instruction is top notch. If you are looking for a place for your child to learn the best Russian style ballet, look no further. Check it out!

Mel Z.

I highly recommend Olga's Russian Ballet School in El Paso, TX. This school is for anyone looking for highly trained instructors and a very safe - clean environment. Ms. Olga teaches classic ballet where the discipline gained makes it unique and creates a true dedication in kids. She is very clear with her studio policy and children learns to love the classes and respect the teacher very much and also one another during class times. My two girls took a full year class with Ms. Olga and it was an amazing and positive experience. Her recitals are world class and the cost of rental outfits very reasonable compared to many studios we have been to.

We are a diplomat family that moves a lot and always transfer from one ballet studio to another in every place we move. Olga's Russian Ballet School is a hidden gem in El Paso that I am happy we found it while my husband got posted in Ciudad Juarez/El Paso. The quality of training our girls got with her an the number of classes per week she teaches them is converted in a great value for the tuition cost we paid. She is very passionate and put her heart in her teaching and have a world class view and preparation for it.

Now that we are in Washington DC we miss her school mission and her training excellence environment. I hope you enjoy to send your kids with her as much as we did.

Blanca K.

A wonderful school with great teachers who instill a love for ballet and discipline. Olga is an amazing instructor teaching students important values through dancing. She brings an enormous amount of professional experience to her classes plus genuine principles of Russian technique.

Joanne R.

This school is for you if you want to continue the tradition of the world's best ballet. If you want to get professional knowledge and skills, to shine on stage and be proud of, this school is for you.This school is not for you if you are looking for light road to success and superficial knowledge. If hard work and strict discipline does not form part of your life, this school is not for you.

Natalia S.

Ms. Olga is a wonderful teacher. You will not leave her if you want your kids to be a true dancer.

Fan C.

My wife and I feel fortunate to have someone with Ms. Balbocean's background and talent to teaching my twins for 3 years now. Ms. Balbocean demands strict discipline and conduct which we believe will be conducive in our child's future formation not only in ballet but every aspect of life. If you want your kids to be given a free pass to misbehave or not follow class standards, you should enroll them somewhere else.

Tomas H.

It's a school with amazing teachers and great techniques. My daughter has been there for about 4 years and she has improved a lot.

Palma A.

This is an amazing school of ballet. My daughter has enjoyed all her time spent with miss Olga! She has left such a positive impression on my child who isn't the best dancer ,but loves the school and all it offers her! She is more poised and graceful and happy. I would recommend it to anyone who will listen!

Traci L.

The best Ballet School in El Paso with excellent teachers and very talented students. Is my opinion like a professional dancer!!!

Daynier S.

Ms Balbocean is highly qualified and very professional teacher. The teacher always wants the best for the student.

Alexandru G.

Best Ballet School in El Paso. Professional teachers and good atmosphere.

Ekaterina V.

Ms Olga taught me how to be graceful not only in body but in spirit as well. She would often say in her lessons, "To dance is to breathe. And to breathe is to be alive. Dance is a celebration of life."

Fred K.

Before Olga’s Russian ballet my daughter was in 3 dance academies and this one is the only one that teaches high standards require for professional levels. This school is committed to teach a professional level of ballet.

Cinthia R.

The lovely Ms Olga always enlightening her students with the most incredible opportunities. What a joy and honor!

Tessie C.

My granddaughter has gone for 5 years, and loves it.

Miss Olga is demanding in a professional manner to see the girls become the most talented ballerinas they can be.

Go to one of their performances and you will see the skills she has brought out in them. Way above other schools I have seen.

Linda H.

Thank you Olga for all you do! You are amazing with the girls. Nora has blossomed since joining your school.

Kenya A.

As a recipient of my pre-professional training from the world-renowned Kirov Academy of Ballet and a former professional ballerina, that has danced with prestigious ballet companies across the states, it is with the highest accord that I recommend Olga's Russian Ballet School.

Ms. Balbocean's school is a reputable pre-professional training ground, that places a strong emphasis on the Vaganova technique.

Ms.Balbocean and her staff are not only devoted to inspiring and fostering the talents of students, that aspire to become professional artists, but also teaching important life values such as self-discipline and perseverance.

Angela N.


My daughter has taken ballet now with Ms. Olga Balbocean for less than a year and has shown tremendous progress and her love for ballet is much greater than ever before. She and her husband are both very professional and dedicated individuals. Her love for the art is immense and has a true impact on her students. She is realistic and very strict. It is not an easy school, but definitely teaches the students proper work ethic. It is required in the ballet world. I have had her come to public schools to demonstrate proper rehearsal and performance and it was done with perfection. Like I said, this is not an easy school, but if your child has the work ethic and love for dance Olga’s Russian School of Ballet is the right place.

I feel extremely blessed that El Paso is able to be exposed to the professionalism that this timeless art offers and Mrs. Olga Balbocean has fearlessly been the one to ask her students for nothing less than their best at all times. I think it is hard for some to understand the level of work and professionalism it takes and that there is a place for everyone.

If you are looking to step in the professional world of dance I would definitely recommend to come in and see if this school is fit you or your dancer.

Michelle U.

Ms. Olga Balbocean is the consummate professional in teaching ballet. She not only teaches technique, she ignites a passion for the beautiful art form that is classical ballet. She prepares her students for national and international competition and was recognized for her excellence in teaching ballet by the YAGP every year.

Cathy M.

Ms. Olga is a very talented teacher. I have enrolled my daughter in other ballet schools and can not compare, by far this is the best one. She is strict but amazing and all her students love her. I am very happy my daughter has her as a mentor. Thank you Ms. Olga

Mey M.

Ms. Olga is a dedicated and talented teacher. She is strict, but fair, which helps develop discipline that can be applied later in life. Her students are well prepared to attend some of the most prestigious ballet summer programs. We are thankful that our daughter found someone to foster the love of ballet.

Lia D.

I have been dancing for several years with many different dance schools in El Paso/Juarez area and I can only say that we are very fortunate to have Olgas Russian Ballet School in our Bordertown. Olga inspires students to become better every day at their technique, discipline, but most of all our values. She has received special recognition by prestigious national competitions. Thank you Olga for bringing culture to our Bordertown.

Itzel R.

Ms. Olga provides superior training as a former dancer with the Moscow Ballet and other international companies. Her students have been accepted into The Bolshoi summer intensives both in the US and in Russia as well She has been invited to New York to conduct auditions on behalf of the Bolshoi Ballet. She and her students have won many national dance awards ,including Outstanding Teacher by the Youth America Grand Prix in Dallas in 2014. We are beyond blessed to have her here in our city.

Bridget S.

Olga is an amazing teacher who instills a strong work ethic and molds her students into beautiful dancers!

Alana K.

An excellent school with excellent professors. Rigour, technique perfection, quality of gesture at a very high level. The result is beautiful !

Guillaume T.

Olga’s Russian Ballet School turns young aspiring ballet dancers into well rounded, disciplined, and incredibly talented people inside and outside of the ballet studio. Out of any studio or under any instructor in my past experiences, Olga made the greatest impact on me as a person and my dancing. She is the most influential instructor I’ve ever had. Her passion shows through her teaching and inspires dancers to better themselves and push themselves. She helps build character, practices discipline, and makes you always strive to be better.

Under her training, I was able to attend several competitions and represent her school in various parts of the United States and Europe. None of that would have been possible without Miss Olga. I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve received from her and from her school. This is the best school by far.

Jadyn T.

This is a fantastic school and Olga is an amazing teacher!

I highly recommend this school for anyone looking for good ballet training.

Marlen A.

Olga’s Russian Ballet is a school for serious ballet training in El Paso. This training facility has an intense focus on the young dancers’ paths to grow at a pre-professional level. Ms Olga is highly committed to the success of her students. Dancers are cross trained in other disciplines that compliment ballet training such as contemporary, yoga, and dance conditioning/strengthening sessions. She brings highly trained teachers and guest teachers to compliment her vision.
Young dancers and parents must be prepared for the high level of discipline that in incorporated in this school. The discipline learned in this school is invaluable not only for the future success of a dancer but serves as an immense tool for the success in life in general.

Tessie H.

Miss Olga’s Ballet School is by far the best in the El Paso, Texas area.

Just in the few guest performances I have had with her as a principal dancer have been fantastic. My training from the Cuban National school parallels to what Miss Olga gives to every single student and performance that she produces. Success with you children starts only with Olga’s Russian Ballet School !

Keynald R.

Olga’s Russian Ballet School turns young ballet dancers have good basic training ! Olga requires lots of the details and She is very respectful for her job in ballet field! Her passion shows through her teaching and inspires dancers to better themselves and I am a ballet professor in University in Taiwan. I have known her many years and see her great abilities to help lots of children became great dancers.
This is the great quality of ballet school in El Paso!

Ya-Jo Lo

Professional experience in a professional classical ballet school. I’ve taken class here and also my cousin.

She was there for 2 years. Olga is internationally known, and focuses very much on technique.

Joe R.

Congratulation Ms. Olga. I'm excited to see what's in the future for Madison. We are so blessed to have her.

She an excellent ballet teacher!

Yolanda P.

Amazing teachers! Very good strategy of work, very friendly and lovely people !
Elizaveta G.

Miss Olga’s discipline and technique are the best asset we can give our children.

These are outstanding tools for dancing, but mostly for life.

Best of the best!

Angelica C.

Excellent ballet school. With very good successes. It becomes famous for its professional merits.

Tina B.

The teacher and students take class seriously. The teacher is informative in regards to technique as well as safe stretches. Her classes are enjoyable and a challenging workout.

Bernadette R.

Wonderful school, my daughter has been taking ballet classes with Ms. Olga for a year , both me and my daughter are so happy ! Clean School, Organized, Great Atmosphere!

Ana G.

Great school! Luv it!!

Roberto T.

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