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Ballet Examination

It is quite natural to feel some excitement before your examination. If the teacher well has prepared you for your examination, you should look forward with enthusiasm and in an anticipation of success.

It is necessary to remember that this is a unique possibility for you and your teacher together to see how you have improved. Results will not necessarily show if you will become a professional dancer. It is only the first step of some very long stairs, and the objective is to direct you in a proper way and to develop your full potential.

The teacher will let you know when you will be ready for your individual examination. You should spend at least year of study to master the extensive program before you will be ready. You should work in addition above a set of elements to the nearest examination. The teacher can even advise to visit some additional classes before examinations.

Miss Olga will also help you to find confidence since she has already prepared many dancers for examination, Miss Olga will tell how to enter and leave an examination studio, and how to behave during the examination. The knowledge of all of these important factors will help to feel more comfortable.

Remember, examiners are not going to judge you with hostility as they perfectly understand all of your feelings, and will try to calm you because both of you have something in common— the love of dance. It is important to remember, that it is much more pleasant to them to look at a happy dancer possessing good perception of music and virtuosity, than the dancer who is technically superb, but shows no emotion or feeling.
Ballet class

Confidence is required for all dancers though not everyone can become the Absolute Prima ballerina. In spite of the fact that many dancers know that they will never achieve perfection, they feel that the objective of the their dance life has been reached. Ballet exhausts and consumes time, but it carries away and allows to create, many dancers devote themselves completely to dance. For them it fills their whole world.

The life of the professional dancer requires huge self-discipline, for you it is important as soon as possible to learn to be independent. For example, try to keep track of your dance clothes and make sure that they are always clean and in a good condition. Come to class with your mind in the proper framework and focus. All this will assist strengthening of your confidence and self-affirmation

When the class begins, listen closely and try to concentrate on everything that you will be asked to do. In the beginning ballet can seem difficult, simple movement are required to be repeated very often to carry out them properly. The good teacher knows how to involve interest, from time to time changing the program and allowing the students to relax, and sometimes and to have fun.

Miss Olga will supervise and help you through challenging classes, but there are many ways for students to help themselves. For example, try to not talk each other so you don’t miss hearing important information or prevent others from concentration. From time to time the teacher will correct your movements. Try to understand, that she does this to achieve the proper result. Pay attention to remarks to other students because they can be useful to you too!

The best way to learn to dance is to follow the example of the teacher. Being trained thus, you can estimate your own success and compare yourselves to others. If you have the special challenges requiring correction, Miss Olga may come to conclusion that individual lessons are necessary for you. Though a group class is better for progress in general, individual lessons allow to concentrate both on unique challenges and on your advanced achievements — in other words, on both your weak and strong qualities giving you optimism concerning your chances of success. Though the ballet class requires huge efforts, it should deliver pleasure and sometimes allow to glance forward. To receive the greatest pleasure and understanding of dance, listen to music, and under its influence you can express yourselves in movement. In reality, dance is an art.

You may feel that your progressing too slowly, but have patience and trust the teacher. Miss Olga will guide you and track your progress and choose proper pace. Too much pressure at an early age is at times more dangerous than restraint.

The discipline that you will develop in ballet will translate to other areas of your future life. Ask any professional dancer and they will tell to you that good concentration and self-discipline are absolutely necessary qualities if you intend to be engaged in dance seriously. Nevertheless try to enjoy yourselves!

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