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PBT Rules

All students should be respectful to one another, and to their teacher. The teacher will address their concerns with any student regarding attitude, discipline or overall conduct that is unsatisfactory. Students should demonstrate a respect for property by maintaining clean dressing room

There is no eating or drinking allowed (with the exception of water) in the ballet room.

No pictures or videos allowed during class time, it distracts the ballerinas

PBT has the right to use its photo and video material for advertising purposes

Do not wear dance shoes outside on the street, change them at the school

This will keep your ballet shoes clean and in good condition and protect the school dance floor

Parents are not allowed to enter the classroom in their street shoes

Hair needs to be in a "professional ballet bun".

The use of the phone during the lessons is not allowed

The program uniform must be kept clean!

Students are expected to keep the noise level to a minimum in the dressing room, lobby and corridors area at all time

All student’s belongings should be stored in the ballet bag, except valuables (jewelry, money, phone, keys etc) which can be taken into the classroom

All jewelry (bracelets, chains, earrings, etc.), as well as bright varnish on the nails are not allowed in the lessons

Principal Ballet Training held not responsible for any lost of your belongings

Please drop off your child in time before class and pick them up promptly

Skipping the classes by the injury reason are doesn’t tolerated

If a student is disrupting the class in any way, there will be a verbal warning. If the disruption continues, we will ask the student to leave the class and meet with the parent for a conversation. If disruptive behavior persists, the student will be asked to leave our ballet program without ability to be accepted again later

All information about the schedule and its changes will be sent to the parent by email. Please read all the letters sent to you!

Please do not enter the classroom while music is being played

Once you enter, greet the teacher and wait to be placed

In case of delay, the student should wait for the end of the sounding musical fragment in the lesson and only then go into the class, asking permission from the teacher. Late for more than 10 minutes, the teacher has the right to sit and ask to watch the lesson (this is due to the specificity-the inability to start the training without preheating or other teacher's plans)


Attendance at all lessons is compulsory!

The sense of collective responsibility is part of education in the process of obtaining a ballet education, even in younger schoolchildren

If the child is sick or has other good reasons for being absent, tell the teacher! Otherwise, the absence is considered "without a good reason"

I understand my child should only take ballet classes in the Principal Ballet Training Program. If a student wants to take ballet classes at any other ballet school they must ask first for the permission of Artistic Director

Students who DO NOT follow the rules and regulation may be suspended and/or dismissed entirely from PBT. No exceptions or appeals are accepted!