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We are now accepting applications for  2024/25 season!

Season begin August 19

Acceptance by Invitation Only

Submission Requirements


Photographs Required
 Full-body in arabesque
 Full-body in tendu à la seconde
Please email us for audition inquiries.

Please submit a brief summary of the students experience along with a list of any competitions the student has participated in.




Optional Submissions
 Recent classical variation (from a competition)
 Contemporary solo (from a competition)

Please note the audition video may not exceed 10 minutes.

Each example should be a brief demonstration of the students abilities and may be done on one side.

Video Submission

Please send a YouTube link to email


 Grand battements

Floor Flexibility
Small Adagio
Any Pirouettes
 Small and Medium Jumps
  Diagonal turns

Pointe/Pre-Pointe work in center

 Echappés, retirés


Diagonal of turning steps



Tips - Evaluation Criteria

Physique and Body Alignment

Coordination and Flexibility

Evidence of Natural Ability

Rhythmical Accuracy

Healthy Body Weight

Ability to be Focused


Only applications submitted through the online form will be reviewed.


No submissions will be accepted over phone calls or verbal.