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Principal Ballet Training in Dallas - Lesson on stage

We Offer:

Winter Examination: Undergo a thorough and tailored evaluation to monitor and celebrate your progress.

Competition Preparation: Receive expert coaching to excel in local and national ballet competitions.

Dance Festival Participation: Experience of performing at select dance festivals.

Summer Intensive Auditions: Get personalized preparation and support for auditions to prestigious summer intensive programs.


Program Highlights:

Ballet Technique
Pointe Work

Contemporary Guest
Stretching & Conditioning


Principal Ballet Training Program Director in Dallas

Our Mission:

At Principal Ballet Training, our mission is to nurture a profound passion for ballet through disciplined, personalized training, performance opportunities, and a supportive community. We are committed to helping each dancer reach their full potential in both technique and artistry.


Capture the memory in Ballet Education - Principal Ballet Training in Dallas

Individualized Attention:

Benefit from customized training and feedback tailored to your unique talents and needs.

Teaching Philosophy:
I, Olga Balbocean, a former professional dancer and current Head Ballet Master/Rehearsal Director at the Classical Training Program TDC in Dallas, TX, am dedicated to forming dancers through proper Vaganova techniques and meticulous attention to detail. My strategic teaching methods focus on building technique and body conditioning to maximize a young dancer's flexibility, strength, balance, and artistry. Each student receives individual attention, ensuring their growth and success in the art of ballet.


Limited spot are awarded each year. This allow dancers to receive individualized coaching to help them reaching their professional goals faster.

No beginners are accepted!